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We never documented breeding outside of captivity, and we like to keep it that way.On a couple occasions, it just been pigs that have gotten away from people. The potbelly pig is the one that tends to show up the most. It only been a couple of times, but it appears to be people who have these animals for pets, and then they reach sexual maturity and they realize they don make as good of pets as they did when they were little.Q: Could they make inroads here?A: I think much of the state would be vulnerable to feral pigs.

Amy Bailey, APN Amy Duch, and Dr. Shaefer have given to Tucker care. They also wanted to remind everyone that May 15 is National MPS Awareness Day. This means that the cost of Muskrat Falls will be subsidized by other sources of government and/or Nalcor revenues. To the extent the project is subsidized by either, it will simply mean further cuts in government services or additional taxes. The end result is the same: in one way or another we have to pay.


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