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Gas prices keep falling

Gas prices keep falling in San Diego and across the country, and no one really knows when the price will hit rock bottom. But some analysts say cheap gas prices are not necessarily a positive sign for the economy. Some local stations are now selling gas for under $1.60 a gallon.

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“Our annual spending is approximately $206,000. Lower prices allow us to be more competitive, especially when competing with foreign competition.”Besides costs of operation, Rothschiller said, Steffes also has adapted to produce oil storage tanks and other products Cheap china Jerseys like heater treaters, flares, and cattle guards. He said the company has worked hard to make those products high quality, which has made them in high demand in the Bakken.It is easier for manufacturers in other states making those products to stay where they are, and those that make smaller, shippable items aren’t as likely to relocate to North Dakota, Rothschiller said.


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