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Is a single test for C282Y sufficient for ascertainment of HHC

In Italy and in Alabama, USA, fewer than 70% of patients with HHC are homozygous for C282Y. Even in the UK, where a very high frequency of C282Y has been observed, 10% of HHC cases cannot be detected if one uses a test for C282Y only, and more than 30% in Alabama and in Italy and France (excluding Brittany). Clinicians may be misled to believe that patients who are not homozygous for C282Y do not have HHC.

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Exposure to TDCIPP in primary cultured avian hepatocytes also causes cytotoxicity with deregulation of genes involved in phase I and II metabolism, thyroid hormone pathway, lipid regulation and growth21. Furthermore, injection of TDCIPP to chicken eggs has resulted in a significant accumulation of TDCIPP in the Cheap Jerseys liver and changes of expression of hepatic genes related to xenobiotic metabolism, thyroid hormone pathway and immune responses22,23. These studies suggest that liver is a target for TDCIPP exposure, however to support reliable risk assessment, underlying molecular mechanisms for hepatotoxicity need to be further explored..


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