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it’s a relief to leave for Blairgowrie

Still, it’s a relief to leave for Blairgowrie, where I am meeting another man who loves kilts. Ruthven Milne, 80, has been in the trade for 61 years. Freezing Pipes. Enrage Trial. Greenlight Pinellas has been a contentious issue throughout the county. But signing up an avowed opponent of light rail to cook up a 31 page review of the measure whose final analysis was more predictable than Secretariat running a mile and a half against a swaybacked Old Dobbin hardly contributes much to the social discourse over the initiative’s efficacy..

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At the Finis Terrae solar plant near the tiny town of Maria Elena, more than 500,000 PV panels blanket the desert. The 160 megawatt plant was the largest solar installation in Latin America when it went online last summer, capable of powering nearly 200,000 homes.

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I am not a frequent poster, but I happen to be at the Taft DA game so figure I should make a contribution. From my vantage point, it was an astounding win by Taft, particularly since they were without their PG DUke commit FOGO and by my count won only 4 of 23 face offs.


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