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Me ‘What do you do to market and advertise?’ Client ‘Nothing really. We have tried a few things, but nothing sticks.’ Me ‘Things like what?’ Client ‘Well we tried radio for a few monthsnothing. Sacerdote, Alesina and Glaeser analysis mirrors Cappelli They, too, conclude that different levels of unionization explain why Europeans work so much less than Americans these days. Simply put, burlier European unions bargained for more vacation.

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There was also a sub theme: don trust what the state is telling us, so we turning to you. I told many of the readers in thanking them, we don often receive adulation, so we cherish it.. Where we are financially it maybe appropriate to do it right now, added a smiling and nodding Coun. Andrew Knack who confirmed that he doesn like the 1980s vintage signs.

It’s proof that things can taste good without being battered and dunked in hot oil. Who would have thunk it?. I’m writing this, sitting here in Scott’s House, I heard the news last night. It certainly feels like the bleak, grey March weather outside has invaded the place this morning.

Montrealers have strong and divided opinions on which of its bagels are the best, but in a straight up comparison of sesame and plain, all fresh and warm from each shop, I found St. Viateur to be superior to Fairmount, with a better texture and more pronounced contrast of crust and interior.


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