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2. A clean and organized home: Mom’s work super hard each day and there’s something to be said for letting someone else do the work once in a while. This mother’s day give mom the day (or even the week) off and do the work for her. “Someone was doing some painting for me,” Middleton said. “He told me he got a call this property (where the Agnes House is located) had gone down. I told him to take me by to look at it.

Still, AutoNation is trying to buy more used vehicles outside the trade in channel, COO Mike Maroone says. A pilot marketing campaign this summer will tell vehicle owners that AutoNation dealerships will buy their vehicles, even if the consumer isn’t buying a car or truck from AutoNation. AutoNation also continues to expand its centralized used vehicle buying team..

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“As you may have noticed, there are a lot of New Jersey plates that have come and occupied a lot of our spaces,” he said. “Is that inherently wrong? No, we want to think we can welcome people from Jersey. However, we do want to have parity with what’s being done in New Jersey.”.

Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas, a Republican running for governor, said Wednesday he hopes it can be a model for other cities on the front lines of the state’s opioid crisis. Dubbed Safe Station, the program will allow addicts to visit any of 10 firehouses that are open around the clock. Addicts will then be put in touch with experts who can help them with treatment options.


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